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FWD Green Ribbon Campign

How to Support Farm Women United's

Green Ribbon Campaign

Farm Women United

Green Ribbon for Family Farms

We Care—Through Prayer

Please wear this ribbon to support all family farms.

Farm families are suffering from low prices, high in-put costs, and weather related disasters, desperately waiting for help, as another Farm Bill is being drafted in Washington, with no seat placed at the table for family farmers to be heard at the Agriculture Committees’ “listening sessions.” Family farmers remain “out of sight, out of mind” as far as government farm “policymakers” are concerned.

The “Green Ribbon” symbolizes HOPE. We pray for family farmers. We invite others in the religious community, and in all walks of life, to wear a green ribbon to show that you care. We ask everyone, urban and rural, to offer support, encouragement, and neighborly care for farm families suffering distress. 

We ask legislators at the local, state, and federal levels to work for more effective legislation to support a family farm system of agriculture, to promote healthy rural communities, to protect our environment, and to guarantee our nation’s food security, so that consumers can access an abundant supply of nourishing, fresh, local food.   

Our green ribbon means that this is “A Time to Act” and signifies that it is time for action to support our farm families and our rural communities. 

Please join with others from your local church, community, and farm organizations in wearing a green ribbon. Tell others why you are wearing it. Wear it over your heart, on the outside of your clothing. Pray and write your legislators in support of the family farmers who are still being marginalized, ignored, and neglected.


Please contact us for your Free Green Ribbon (Donations appreciated to cover postage, but not necessary to receive ribbon)

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